Totem Finance


OK so it's not actually a roadmap: it's a to-do list, in no particular order, with no particular timeline. This is how we work: as fast as we can, on the things we can. Pivoting is a way of life.

Totem Ecosystem Products

  • AMM Dex (core feature)
  • Yield Farming (core feature)
  • Totem Poles (core feature)
  • Analytics (core feature)
  • Lottery
  • IFOs (Initial Farm Offerings)
  • Synthetic Assets
  • Multi-chain expansion
  • Totem NFT; Mint , trade and earn = All paid in TOTEM
  • Long Term - Fixed Term Staking
  • Limit Order
  • Prediction Market
  • FantomYieldBridge (Bridge CAKE, BUNNY, BANANA into Fantom)

Totem Staking (Totem Pools)

  • TOTEM poles
  • Community pools
  • Limited time pools
  • Special pools with deposit fees (events)


  • Marketing *Telegram *Twitter
  • AMA focusing on bringing more people to Fantom
  • Telegram Price Bot
  • Discord Price Bot
  • Partnership farming
  • Telegram Whale Bot
  • Auto Compounding Totem Farm